Results 22/08/16 – The Post-Olympic blues

I started this blog back in 2012, excited about the London Olympic Games and the realisation that I do actually enjoy watching sports – and not just the mainstream of football, rugby and cricket etc. Unemployed at the time, I was keen to keep track of dozens of Olympic and non-Olympic sports, chronicling their results throughout the year and build up a bit of a database to use in my articles.

In securing work in 2013, time for this obviously diminished massively. I’m only really able to write this today as it’s my day off. Losing this database earlier this year, 3 and a half years’ work, naturally sapped my interest from keeping this blog running further.

Yet, the 2016 Olympics, although not perfect, reminded me how much I love minority sports and wished I had kept tracks on Team GB throughout the year. So then, it’s my “responsibility” to keep plugging away at these “daily” (as daily as I can manage) blogs and provide some sort of centralised outlet for the results.

I’ve needed to streamline my reporting, so results like alpine skiing and table tennis, which I used to go into the second/third tiers of events, will only come from major championships and world cups. Annual calendars like badminton and tennis will be similar, although will feature results from competitors who reach the latter stages of minor events.

I can’t guarantee it will be another long-running stint, and I do have the attention span of a… a… I can’t remember what I was saying. Nonetheless, here goes with the first post-Rio 2016 results:


The majority of Team GB have yet to return home from their most successful ever Olympic Games, but Andy Murray is one such name that was immediately back in action in the ATP Tour last week whilst the Games continued.

Embed from Getty Images

Chris Froome, bronze medallist in the time trial and winner of the Tour de France, was another name immediately back into his day job and is once again leading Team Sky in the UCI World Tour, this time at the Vuelta a Espana, the sport’s third major.

In stifling heat, a breakaway occurred early on in the third stage, one that was never totally caught but hasn’t shaken up the standings too much. Froome secured a fourth place finish alongside two other riders and still remains in the podium positions. Team-mate and former race leader Peter Kennaugh also finished in the top 15 and remains 7th overall. Simon Yates, Scott Thwaites and Hugh Carthy were the other British finishers some way back.

Vuelta a Espana
Stage 3: Marin – Mirador Ezaro

Stage Results (General Classification)
Chris Froome (Team Sky): +0.00:26, 4th (3rd overall)
Peter Kennaugh (Team Sky): +0.01:02, 15th (7th overall)
Simon Yates (Orica-BikeExchange): +0.01:32, 41st (11th overall)
Scott Thwaites (Bora-Argon 18): +0.11:41, 126th (128th overall)
Hugh Carthy (Caja Rural-Seguros RGA): +0.14:43, 153rd (175th overall)

Chris Froome: 14 points, 4th (7th overall)
Peter Kennaugh: 1 point, 15th (33rd overall)


In Olympic years, the World Rowing Championship is a watered-down affair, consistingly only of non-elite boats. It still gives talent in the national ranks the chance to prove themselves and potentially earn themselves a more prominent boat in the next Olympic cycle.

The best result of yesterday came from the Women’s Four, the equivalent of a boat that IS an Olympic class and the team of Fiona Gammond, Donna Etiebet, Holly Nixon and Holly Norton won their heat to qualify straight through to the final. There were other victors in the Men’s Coxed Pair and Men’s Lightweight Pair, both boats qualifying for the semi finals. However, results weren’t so good for the Men’s Lightweight Quadruple Sculls or for Gemma Hall in the Women’s Lightweight Single Sculls, with both having to make do with another chance in the repechage.

World Rowing Championships

Women’s Four – Heat
Fiona Gammond, Donna Etiebet, Holly Nixon, Holly Norton
1st, 6.40:220
Qualified for Final A

Men’s Coxed Pair – Heat
Oliver Cook, Callum McBriety, Henry Fieldman (cox)
1st, 6.59:310
Qualified for Semi Final

Women’s Lightweight Single Sculls – Heat
Gemma Hall
3rd, 7.52:330
Qualified for Repechage

Men’s Lightweight Pair
Joel Cassells, Sam Scrimgeour
1st, 6.37:050
Qualified for Semi Final

Men’s Lightweight Quadruple Sculls – Heat
Charles Waite-Roberts, Jamie Copus, Jamie Kirkwood, Zak Lee-Green
5th, 6.03:170
Qualified for Repechage


It continues to be tight in the race for second place in speedway’s Elite League, with wins for Swindon and Wolverhampton moving them to third and fourth respectively. It’s a little less comfy for Poole now, who can console themselves with a visit from Leicester on Wednesday.

Speedway Elite League
Swindon Robins 50-42 Poole Pirates
Wolverhampton Wolves 51-41 Lakeside Hammers


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