Speedway: Coventry Bees fight off a Pirates onslaught in the Elite League

Coventry Bees moved joint top of the Elite League table after 4 meetings after overturning Poole away from home last night.


Facing the Pirates for the second time in a week, Coventry made up their 41-48 defeat at home on Friday by coming out 50-41 winners. In turn, it ended a 3-match losing run in which Poole claimed the Elite League playoff victory over two legs. On this occasion, they raced into a 10 point lead but managed to fend off a fightback from their opponents on this occasion.

Coventry boss Gary Havelock said: “When I talk about team spirit, these are the type of occasions where it comes into play – tight, hard away matches when there are crashes, and there’s no doubt that team spirit won us this meeting.

“Kevin Doolan popping out of the start in Heat 1 and winning it with Hans (Andersen) for a 5-1 just set us up, and that makes the home team think ‘we’re in for a tough night tonight.’ We laid a marker down straightaway, and the boys were just sensational, every one of them.”

Grand Prix rider Chris Harris was the top-scoring British rider of the night with 10+1, just behind Coventry teammate Hans Andersen of Denmark. Coventry’s next opponents are the Belle Vue Aces, who have just managed one win in four this season, that being against bottom side Leicester.

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