Harlow Nationals lose twice to league leaders Herts Falcons

NBL defending champions Harlow Nationals lost two matches against Herts Falcons on Sunday 30th June, making it four consecutive defeats in Britain’s top baseball league.


The Nationals travelled to Grovehill Ballpark, eager to turn around their lacklustre season and recover from their double defeat to Southampton Mustangs last weekend. Instead, it was a repeat of their showdown in April, although the two losses to the Falcons were much closer. Losing 2012 finalists Herts are now clear at the top of the table with 143 runs scored to only 68 conceded and host Bracknell Blazers this weekend.

Elsewhere, Lakenheath Diamondbacks enjoyed two thumping wins at home to the Essex Redbacks, beating them 11-1 and 17-4. London Mets also taught Essex Arrows a lesson with a 10-1 win, although the day’s rematch was much closer, ending 9-7 to the home side. Bracknell and London made it a perfect day for all home sides with two wins of their own.

Full round-up at British Baseball Federation.



London Mets 10-1 Essex Arrows
Bracknell Blazers 7-6 South London Pirates
Lakenheath Diamondbacks 11-1 Essex Redbacks
Herts Falcons 3-2 Harlow Nationals

London Mets 9-7 Essex Arrows
Bracknell Blazer 15-5 South London Pirates
Lakenheath Diamondbacks 17-4 Essex Redbacks
Herts Falcons 8-5 Harlow Nationals


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