Beach Volleyball: Zara Dampney and Lucy Boulton confirmed for the Corrientes Grand Slam

Zara Dampney and Lucy Boulton have been confirmed to appear at the latest event in the FIVB Beach Volleyball calendar – the Corrientes Grand Slam in Argentina.


The event, which will take place from May 22nd to the 26th, is the pair’s third event so far this year but it’s one that sees them start from the qualification tournament once again. Such a scenario played well with the women in the opening event, the Fuzhou Open, where they stormed into the main draw whilst claiming the scalps of the top seeds along the way. They even went on to win a game in the group stage of the main event, hampering a Russian team well above their own seeding.

Unfortunately, they were brought back down with a bump in Shanghai last weekend, when Dampney and Boulton failed to win a game after receiving automatic entry into the final 32.

The seedings and match-ups have yet to be released, but Zara and Lucy may be confident that they can pick up more qualification wins and perform better than their last Grand Slam outing.

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