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Since its conception, Sport Britain (previously ScottyP Sports, an artifact left in the URL, for now) was a little blog set up to cover the Olympics in London. As it happened, most of my time was spent watching it and not much blogging about it, but there you go. Since then, then the site has expanded to cover around 80 sports, many of them with subdivisions (I’m looking at you, athletics and alpine skiing). It’s a lot of news to cover and I don’t get anywhere near satisfying them all.

The site has always been manned by just one person, with guest blogs (currently) from two others. Knowing how hard it is to keep up to date with the stats, especially when not all organisation sites are well maintained, I’m planning to use WordPress’ “Page” feature and expand Sport Britain.

At the moment, the only “page” available is football, the most read, liked and commented on section of Sport Britain. It’s a bit of a mess at the moment, but already links to the Football category, containing all recent football stories and blogs. In time, it will link to all the major football teams in the UK, send readers to their respective stories and provide information on form, head to heads and league tables.

In further time, this feature will spread to all sports, occasionally replacing teams with individual athletes and players. It’s a fairly long process, but it’ll be so worth it.


About archangelffx

An aging music and sports enthusiast who has nothing better to do but write lists of stuff.
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