Pete Beyer and Nerys Jones can’t revive a struggling biathlon showing

Pete Beyer enjoyed a respectable 28th place out of 85 finishers in the Men’s 20km Individual event of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) Cup, Round 4 in Otepää.

Thick fog wasn't the only problem for Britain's biathletes this week. Image: Getty Images

Thick fog wasn’t the only problem for Britain’s biathletes this week. Image: Getty Images

Beyer picked up just three shooting penalties during the four designated breaks and none of them from the prone position. His time of 58:25.2 was five and a half minutes behind the leader and moves him to 45th in the overall “individual” standings with 13 points. Dan Fuller and Calum Irvine put up less of a fight, finishing 79th and 84th respectively.

Over in the women’s race, Nerys Jones mirrored Beyer’s achievements, coming in 7 minutes off the lead. It was an error-strewn performance, though, with seven penalties overall. Adele Walker came 50th with nine penalties.

No such positive results in the World Cup in Oberhof, Germany. The fourth event of the season saw Great Britain’s relay team limp in 21st out of 24 finishers, lapped before they could cross the finish line. The team, consisting of Kevin Kane, Lee-Steve Jackson, Marcel Laponder and Scott Dixon, committed few penalties but just weren’t fast enough to make an impression over 30km. Kane and Dixon take part in the 10km sprint later today.

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