Luge’s Adam Rosen bids to improve on 19th place

In today’s ridiculously short blog post, Sport Britain takes a look at British luger Adam Rosen.

Adam Rosen is determined to boost his luge standings in Sochi. Image: Sky Sports

Adam Rosen is determined to boost his luge standings in Sochi. Image: Sky Sports

Over in the German town of Altenberg, Rosen is taking part in the Viessmann World Cup for the third week running. Today, he established a quick opening run in the men’s Nation Cup event, finishing in 54.946 seconds. Reaching speeds of 122.65 km/h, there’s little wonder there was such concern around the sport following the death of Georgia’s Nodar Kumaritashvili in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Even so, the likes of Rosen refused to give up and these World Cup events are spurring him on to improve on his 16th place in Vancouver.

Rosen returns to the track later this weekend having qualified for the full World Cup event in last place. It’s an improvement on last fornight, when 22nd place wasn’t enough to let him progress. Last week, Rosen qualified in 13th but will be looking to avoid a final run that saw him end up 25th out of 31 participants.

To do this, Rosen needs to improve his consistency. In the qualifying run today, the slider pushed off relatively steadily, but began to lose pace through the attempt. At his worst, his middle sectors were the 22nd fastest but a slight upturn in speed rescued him just in time. His training runs earlier in the day largely mirrored this, so he needs a better start and an even better build-up of momentum. Like I really know what I’m talking about!

The American-born luger, competing for Great Britain via his English mother, is the only person representing this country in luge as part of the Viessmann World Cup. It’s a far cry from the skeleton World Cup, in which Shelley Rudman today claimed a gold medal and compatriot Lizzy Yarnold finished fourth. Luge seems to fail to get its appeal across to a British audience, despite the fact they’re virtually the same sport… albeit opposite. In any case, Rosen may struggle to achieve a top-ten finish this weekend but it’s the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi that really count.

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