Charlotte Aiken and Josh Whidbourne conquer their higher-ranked teammates again in the NRW

Charlotte Aiken and Josh Whidbourne continued their rise up the world figure skating rankings with an impressive fifth place finish in the NRW Trophy.

Aiken and Whidbourne, ranked 63rd in the world this season, arrived in Germany on the back of a silver medal at the British Figure Skating Championships at IceSheffield. There, they managed to usurp fellow ice dancers Louise Walden and Owen Edwards, pushing them into bronze medal territory.

The pair repeated their feat in the latest ISU event, owing largely to a poor “short dance” program from their compatriots. Walden and Edwards struggled in the first dance, finishing a lowly ninth place out of 13 competitors, although they did pick it up later in the free dance to end up with an overall result of seventh place.

Both couples still have a long way to go to match the high-flying Nicholas Buckland and Penny Coomes, who took the gold medal in last week’s British championships. Ranked 11th in the world this season, they’re this country’s best performers on the ice but a last place in the Rostelecom Cup last month hasn’t dented their ambitions too much. Then again, if Aiken and Whidbourne continue with this form, both British pairs may be looking over their shoulders.

Later this week, Harry Mattick takes to the ice in the men’s solo figure skating event. Mattick took second place in the British Championships some way behind regular champion Matthew Parr. Despite the setback. Mattick will be looking to defy his lowly ranking and continue a relatively successful weekend for the Brits.


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