Clean sweep for British sides in the Champions League

Business as usual last night with Chelsea, Manchester United and Celtic all grabbing wins in the UEFA Champions League, keeping them towards the top of their respective groups. Chelsea achieved the most spectacular result of them all, scoring late goals to thrash their Danish opponents 4-0.

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The red side of Manchester were forced to toil against stubborn Romanian opponents but came away with a result they were always likely to get. Then there’s Celtic, who achieved a brilliant result against stronger adversaries to give them a real chance of reaching the last 16.

There was the first round of squash’s Premier League yesterday, with two teams achieving straight sets wins. The competion saw the return of Emily Whitlock and world champion Nick Matthew to action, both of them winning their own personal bouts. Nottingham Panthers continue their bid to catch up with the Steelers in ice hockey’s Elite League, confounding Cardiff’s woes in the process.

And that’s about it. With such a weak field of sport yesterday, there’s even only four “top performers”, with Laura Robson crashing out of the China Open and England’s polo side losing before they’d even got going. Hopefully, things will really get going again soon with the start of the latest round of the Americas Cup World Series and England’s premier futsal tournament!


Tuesday’s Top Performers

* Chelsea – Dominant win against weak opponents puts them top of their qualifying group
* Nottingham Panthers – 4-2 against Cardiff Devils continues their rise to the top
* Oxford/Team Chichester – both achieved straight sets wins against their opponents in round 1 of the national league
* Ross Williams – lies, as things stand, second in the slalom table


Football: European Champions League Group E

Group E
Nordsjaelland (DEN) 0-4 Chelsea
Chelsea top of Group E with 4 points, +4 goal difference

Group G
Spartak Moscow (RUS) 2-3 Celtic
Celtic second in Group G with 4 points

Group H
CFR Cluj (ROU) 1-2 Manchester United
Manchester United top of Group H with 6 points


Polo: Super Nations Cup

England 8-10 Argentina


Squash: English Premier League

Group A
MB Nottingham 3-2 University of Birmingham
Duffield 3-2 Chapel Allerton
Oxford 5-0 AJP Pontefract

Group B
UWE Bristol 1-3 Exeter Diamonds
Team Chichester 5-0 IGT Winchester
TWP St George’s Hill 1-4 Integrity Surrey H&R


Ice Hockey: Elite Ice Hockey League

Cardiff Devils 2-4 Nottingham Panthers
Cardiff bottom of Erhardt Conference after 5 games, Nottingham 3rd.


Tennis: China Open

2nd Round
Laura Robson lost to Lourdes Dominguez Lino 5-7 3-6 (ESP)

No further British competitors in the tournament.


Kitesurfing: Germany Super Grand Slam

Wave Men
Ben Proffitt – 9th place, 1721 points
Adam Lewis – 9th place, 1721 points
Ross Williams – 9th place, 1721 points
Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers – 17th place, 1325 points
Phil Horrocks – 17th place, 1325 points
John Skye – 17th place, 1325 points
Robby Swift – 17th place, 1325 points
Jamie Hancock – 33rd place, 0 points

Wave Freestyle
Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers – 13th place, 1655 points
Max Rowe – 13th place, 1655 points

Wave Slalom
Ross Williams – 2nd place, 2067 points


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