Thoughts: What am I doing here?

I wouldn’t be surprised if people have been questioning the point of this blog.

It may not be obvious, nestled away in the top-right corner and the About page, but this is my service to all of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s elite sports stars – male and female, good and bad, old and fairly young. It doesn’t matter what sports they do, I’m here to reveal their results as too many sites neglect the “minor” sports and concentrate on the obvious subjects – football, cricket, tennis, golf – you know the ones.

Even so, if people are wondering anything about this blog at all, it may be something like “why are you doing this?”. I’m not entirely sure myself. It certainly isn’t widespread readership, as I anticipate a maximum of five global readers a day and definitely don’t often make that number. It’s more for personal piece of mind, knowing that I’m learning more about our best athletes doing their day job. Of course, it’s all well and good to go nuts for Team GB’s archers, fencers, showjumpers and judoka during the Olympics, but they only come around every four years. Is the effort they’re putting in over the rest of the time going to waste? I’d like to think not, so I put every sport, every athlete on a level pegging on this site – provided the competition’s site or sports federation regularly provide me with accurate results.

My daily results update is the easiest. It’s essentially visiting said websites and copying down their scores, occasionally marvelling that such a good victory is being ignored by the mainstream media. It’s all lovely that the likes of BBC are covering cycling now that Britain is successful, but there are more cyclists than Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins. The likes of Luke Rowe, Kristian House and Peter Williams are having a stonking Tour of Britain but their efforts are being overshadowed. Fair enough to Cav, as he has been holding the gold jersey briefly and has earned my “star performer” accolade for the last three days. Wiggins, a fantastic competitor that he is, is basically just a domestique in this tour but is still winning most of the column inches that the others are not. Even Chris Froome, Olympic bronze medallist and runner-up in the Tour de France, received the bare minimum of coverage during the Vuelta, despite finishing behind only the Spaniards.

Maybe it’s just for my own personal knowledge, learning about “obscure” global competitions and how well we’re doing in some of them. The last two days have shown me that we are not a baseballing nation, but are improving on the skiing front. There is plenty of uncovered snooker talent but golf is generally based around the usual six Britons. Giving equal reception to every competitive sport applauds every British sports star, regardless of how much the mainstream sports sites care about them.

Anyway, apologies for the ramble. I never really did answer why I’m doing this. It’s for me, it’s for Team GB. Considering there’s at least 100 people that have the chance to read this but don’t, it’s almost certainly not for you.

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An aging music and sports enthusiast who has nothing better to do but write lists of stuff.
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